Messy Creativity

Confession: I am an art supply hoarder. In fact, I have a whole small studio full of stuff with a little work space. I keep thinking that I need to figure out what I really love creating and focus on that. Then I could perfect my craft and get rid of the excess supplies. The problem is letting go of my supplies terrifies me. What if I need something someday and have to go repurchase it?  

My small business is not making enough income to support my art supply obsession.  Today I am pledging to no longer buy items unless it is something I absolutely need to finish a project. No more filling my cart just because items are on sale or clearance or because I found something adorable that I might use in the future. If I don’t use something I have stored in my studio in the next three months, it’s going to be donated or sold.  

I am going to mark my items with a removable flag, and when and if I use it, I will remove the flag and find a place to store it that is accessible and organized. Remaining items still flagged will be boxed up and removed to make more space by June 1st.