Like a Tree

We went camping in a tent over the weekend. The weather was lovely, and we were able to keep the screen top open to see the stars through the leaves of the trees we were under. We spent a wonderful few days with friends and our kids.  I reminded myself to take breaks from the crowd of people (there was a large gathering of friends camping or out for the day), to be present and to enjoy every moment.  When not playing with kids or visiting with friends, I read, journaled and took some photographs. This verse seems to fit for me in this season of life. 


This is Peace

From now on, I am going to grab the good times with both arms. I am going to walk outside and feel the sun on my face and learn to laugh, really laugh again.

Most of all, I’m going to take the love that comes my way and hold on to it for dear life. Sometimes we don’t need new scenery, just new eyes.
-Dawn Miller