Thankful day 2

It’s been a rough morning for me. I was woken up by my middle schooler who had to rummage through my makeup and things way too early looking for bobby pins.  I really dislike waking like this, it seems to color my whole morning with negativity.  I am trying to turn my mindset and be mindful of the positive, and today I am thankful for my warm bed.  

Thirty Days of Thankful

I want to begin this month of November by recording what makes me glad. I have so much and for that I am truly thankful! This morning I am so thankful for the extra hour of sleep I got with the time change. And since we all got more sleep we were able to make it to Sunday school class before church. There was a guest speaker today who came from Iraq as a persecuted Christian. Her message was educational and inspiring. I am thankful that we live in a place where I can freely proclaim Christ as the Savior.

This image is from Illustrated Faith #gratitudedocumented