Clean Company 

My husband’s supervisor and her husband will be coming over for dinner in a few hours. I am a wreck internally. My house is imperfect and messy and I always seem to put off having people over because of negative feelings about my living space. The reality is, I am sure it doesn’t bother anyone else but me. I tend to see every speck of dirt, smudge, dent, ding, scratch and spill. The carpet is disgusting in my eyes, and the walls need painted. When I clean, I over focus on small details that most never will notice and it takes me forever to clean it the way I think it should be. Of course, with children it never stays that way for more than an hour. I need to let it go and get over it. I know that relationships and hospitality are more important than a few cobwebs or some stains on the floor. I just can’t seem to claim that truth just yet. I will be spending the next hours worrying about what these people might be thinking about me and my house keeping skills or lack thereof.