Thankful day 2

It’s been a rough morning for me. I was woken up by my middle schooler who had to rummage through my makeup and things way too early looking for bobby pins.  I really dislike waking like this, it seems to color my whole morning with negativity.  I am trying to turn my mindset and be mindful of the positive, and today I am thankful for my warm bed.  

Thirty Days of Thankful

I want to begin this month of November by recording what makes me glad. I have so much and for that I am truly thankful! This morning I am so thankful for the extra hour of sleep I got with the time change. And since we all got more sleep we were able to make it to Sunday school class before church. There was a guest speaker today who came from Iraq as a persecuted Christian. Her message was educational and inspiring. I am thankful that we live in a place where I can freely proclaim Christ as the Savior.

This image is from Illustrated Faith #gratitudedocumented


Battle of the Belly Fat

I have been slowly gaining back the weight I had lost over the last year, and my husband has gained weight too. We both decided to join Weight Watchers and go to meetings. Thursday evening we joined and attended a meeting near our house. I am inspired by his bravery to step out of his comfort zone and go with me. He has always been athletic and slim, until the last several years.  Stress and age has effected his waistline too. We began the Points Plus plan on Friday and now we are on day three. I don’t feel like it is very difficult to follow, but have been craving junk off and on, especially when out and about. It is so helpful to have my husband follow the plan with me! 

Like a Tree

We went camping in a tent over the weekend. The weather was lovely, and we were able to keep the screen top open to see the stars through the leaves of the trees we were under. We spent a wonderful few days with friends and our kids.  I reminded myself to take breaks from the crowd of people (there was a large gathering of friends camping or out for the day), to be present and to enjoy every moment.  When not playing with kids or visiting with friends, I read, journaled and took some photographs. This verse seems to fit for me in this season of life. 


I love me

I have been reading a book on my Kindle called The Proverbs 31 Project. In the first few chapters, it challenges  readers to make a list of ten self compliments every day for 31 days. I am currently on day 27. It has been a difficult journey, finding 310 things I love about my personality, my body or my achievements. While I am glad I am almost finished, it has been a positive experience. I have learned to love the me God created; embracing my quirks, stretch marks, freckles and curves. I have found that I am not beating myself down everyday with negative self talk, and allowing myself to enjoy eating foods I crave without feeling guilty (which led to over eating). I am discovering things about myself that make me a beautiful creation who is dearly loved by the Creator. 


I feel old.

My oldest child turns 18 today. 18! I am slightly grieving as he becomes an adult and prepares to fly the nest. To celebrate, he and a group of friends are driving to Seattle to go to this store. I have never been, but I am a little envious and would like to check it out sometime! 

Last night we treated him and the family to Red Robin, then had red velvet cake at home. We gave him $$ and I made a leather faux-dori with inserts for him.

Clean Company 

My husband’s supervisor and her husband will be coming over for dinner in a few hours. I am a wreck internally. My house is imperfect and messy and I always seem to put off having people over because of negative feelings about my living space. The reality is, I am sure it doesn’t bother anyone else but me. I tend to see every speck of dirt, smudge, dent, ding, scratch and spill. The carpet is disgusting in my eyes, and the walls need painted. When I clean, I over focus on small details that most never will notice and it takes me forever to clean it the way I think it should be. Of course, with children it never stays that way for more than an hour. I need to let it go and get over it. I know that relationships and hospitality are more important than a few cobwebs or some stains on the floor. I just can’t seem to claim that truth just yet. I will be spending the next hours worrying about what these people might be thinking about me and my house keeping skills or lack thereof. 

Messy Creativity

Confession: I am an art supply hoarder. In fact, I have a whole small studio full of stuff with a little work space. I keep thinking that I need to figure out what I really love creating and focus on that. Then I could perfect my craft and get rid of the excess supplies. The problem is letting go of my supplies terrifies me. What if I need something someday and have to go repurchase it?  

My small business is not making enough income to support my art supply obsession.  Today I am pledging to no longer buy items unless it is something I absolutely need to finish a project. No more filling my cart just because items are on sale or clearance or because I found something adorable that I might use in the future. If I don’t use something I have stored in my studio in the next three months, it’s going to be donated or sold.  

I am going to mark my items with a removable flag, and when and if I use it, I will remove the flag and find a place to store it that is accessible and organized. Remaining items still flagged will be boxed up and removed to make more space by June 1st.

Traveler’s Journal

I recently discovered the traveler’s journal or Midori style planner. Forgive me to those who are keen to the terminology, I am new to all the jargon. But oh my, what amazing goodness is out there on the interwebs! I ordered myself two journals yesterday made by LeatherPlannersPlus and GoodLeatherNWood on Etsy. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival and planning out what I will fill them with. Being an artsy/crafty person, I made some charms to personalize the cover, and posted them for sale in my etsy shop to see of there might be interest in others adorning their precious planners with my creations. Please give me some feedback. I have a stash of more jewelry making supplies so check back later for more listings.